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Traeger manufactures a pellet-fueled grill that eliminates the need for charcoal or gas. It’s versatile enough to cook the most delicate meat, and can be used to smoke, barbecue, grill, braise, bake, or roast.

Traeger Grills: Why All the Hype?

While most grills use charcoal or gas to cook meats, a Traeger grill is different.  Traegers use mesquite, apple, cherry, hickory, maple, and other hardwoods to flavor pork chops, ribs, salmon steaks, or turkey.  Unlike charcoal or gas, each different type of wood pellet imparts its own unique flavor to the meat.

Charcoal and gas grills cannot compete with the flavor added by the variety of wood pellets used in a Traeger grill. The versatility of the fuel allows the chef to mix pellet types to create unique flavor profiles. For instance, maple pellets and cherry pellets could be combined and used for grilling pork chops. It’s this potential for creativity and versatility that sets the Traeger grill apart from other types of grills.

Traeger Grills Enhance Any Cut of Meat

The better the cut of meat, the better the flavor. That’s true for any grill, but with a Traeger, you can fudge a little bit. The use of a Traeger grill allows you to purchase less expensive cuts of meat because of the great flavor that comes from the fuel.  The unique flavor possibilities offered by natural cooking fuel allows the back yard chef to take his cooking skills to the next level. A gas or charcoal grill can’t come close to achieving the complex flavor profile offered by wood pellets. Traeger grills

Outstanding Quality

Traeger grills use electricity for start-up and operation. The construction of the grill keeps temperatures constant all around the meat, meaning that you don’t need a rotisserie and may not even need to turn the meat. Use the Traeger as a smoker, convection oven, or grill to cook any type of meat.

Unlike other grill makers, Traeger manufactures their own wood pellets.  The pellets are made of  100% quality virgin wood.  Recycled wood used in other types of pellets may contain formaldehyde, a chemical used to preserve building materials.  This chemical and others used in manufacturing can become infused into your meat during the cooking process. You will never find chemicals in the wood pellets sold specifically for a Traeger Grill.

Some grilling pellet manufacturers pay no attention to the safety or quantity of additives in their products. In addition, government regulations are often influenced by the pellet manufacturing giants.  That’s not the case with Traeger pellets. Strong consideration is given to customer safety in choosing high quality wood for the pellets used in Traeger grills.  All suppliers are held to strict quality control standards, giving you peace of mind that your cooking fuel is both safe and effective.     

Do you want to know what actual chefs have to say about the Traeger grill? Check out our Traeger grills reviews page!

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Traeger Grills: The Pellet Fueled Difference

Traeger Grills: The Unique Flavors of Pellet Grilling

Is your old grill burnt out after all its summer cooking? As summer comes to a close, try out these special deals on Traeger barbeque grills. With these ultimate grills, you will be able to astound your guests and your family with the sensational flavor of a wood-burning grill. Cooking with wood pellets provides an original outdoor cooking experience with unique flavors. Each different variety of wood pellet imparts its own unique flavor to the meat, allowing you to experiment with new flavor sensations, even while relying on your favorite marinades and seasonings. These grills are simple and easy to use so that anyone can operate them while still creating dishes that taste professional.Traeger Grills

Traeger Grills Do More Than Just Barbecue

Grills are great for parties and entertaining, but everyone struggles to find the perfect balance between raw and burnt. With a Traeger barbecue, set the temperature and let the grill do the rest of the work! No one will have to know that the secret lies with the machine. In addition, the wood pellets used in a Traeger grill allow you to experiment with new ways of cooking in order to develop your own signature flavor. One of the best uses of the wood pellets in a Traeger grill is smoking the meat, which imparts the unique flavor of that particular wood variety. In addition to this unique feature, Traeger grills also allow you to bake, roast, braise, and, of course, barbeque! The versatility of the Traeger design makes this grill an excellent choice for the serious outdoor chef, especially for entertaining purposes.

Safe For the Environment

The taste is not the only selling point for these cutting-edge grills. Using wood pellets is also safer for the environment than traditional cooking methods, and Traeger barbeque grills are blazing trails for new options in grilling. The wood pellets are 100% all natural, so you can be sure that no harmful materials are cooking into your food or being released into the atmosphere. Although many pellet manufacturers make their pellets from any available hardwood, Traeger is committed to supplying pure, chemical-free pellets to ensure that they provide the best possible service to customers.

Few cooking methods are as convenient and reliable as wood pellets. Traeger grills are the ideal grilling solution, combining ready-to-light convenience with eco-friendly fuel, and the great taste that only comes from natural fuel.

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Traeger Grill: More Than Just a Grill.

When we think of grilling outdoors, most of us think about juicy hamburgers and hot dogs, steak and chicken with perfect grill marks, and maybe even some scrumptious grilled veggies. But your Traeger grill can do a whole lot more than that.

Traeger Grill: More Than Just a Grill

Have you explored the many uses of your Traeger grill? Of course you know you can create the perfect grilled steak, chicken, and fish on hot summer nights. But did you realize that you can also bake, smoke, or roast your next meal using your Traeger? Branch out in your cooking ventures by using these great features!Traeger Grill

Enjoy Your Traeger Grill to Its Fullest Potential

Your Traeger grill can be one of your most versatile cooking options. Try some of these features to experience some new taste sensations and experiment with some new dishes:

  • Baking With Your Traeger GrillWith your grill, you can enjoy the flavor from a wood-fired oven without the hassle of constantly feeding a wood stove. All you need to do is select your cooking temperature, put in your cookies, pizza, pie, or casserole, and let the grill do the work! The fan in your grill keeps the temperature even, allowing for optimal baking conditions.
  • Use Your Grill as a Smoker–What’s your favorite smoked dish? Use your grill to prepare sumptuous dishes for friends and family alike. When they taste your smoked turkey, salmon, or ribs, they’ll be asking for your secret. Add flavor and style to any meal without the usual effort that comes with smoking meat. Your backyard barbecue entrees will become the talk of the neighborhood!
  • Roasting With Your Traeger Grill–Gone are the days of working alone in a hot kitchen! For those who prefer a slow-cooked meal, using your grill is still the way to go. Roasting your meat keeps it tender and juicy, and you’ll have the added benefit of the delicious wood-cooked flavor. Whether you roast lamb, beef, pork, or chicken, you’ll be a sure success with these tasty dishes.

The Convenience of a Traeger Grill

Stop worrying about your cooking and forget the chore of watching for fire-starting drips, blackened meat, or uneven cooking temperatures. Now you can play a game of volleyball, watch the news, or chat with friends while your dinner cooks on its own. Once you set the temperature for your grill, you can count on it to maintain that selection for several hours.

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BBQ Review

Traeger Grills Reviews

Are you looking for a grill that combines versatility with ease of use? If these are your priorities, Traeger grills reviews found on the internet can help you decide on your next bbq grill purchase.

Customers who have tried out the Traeger system describe the simplicity of its operation. The electric-based ignition and easy temperature control make this a grill that even the least experienced barbecuer can operate successfully. Enjoy my Traeger grill review.

Traeger Grills Reviews: Pros and Cons

Reviewers seem united in giving top marks to the flavor of the food that comes out of their Traeger grills. Reviews consistently praise the great taste and even cooking of meat, vegetables, and even desserts like cobblers.

Ease of use is the other main benefit of this particular grilling system; other than refilling the grill with wood pellets (its heat source) occasionally, the only work required is to plug the ignitor into a normal electrical socket and set the temperature control knob. The general consensus seems to be that it is difficult to get anything but great-tasting food out of this grill!

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Apparently, although these grills were constructed by a U.S.-based company at first, cost and demand have forced construction to be outsourced to other countries. Some customers report that these foreign-made versions are put together with less care and that numerous of the parts have to be replaced more frequently than expected.

Another disadvantage is the relatively high price of a Traeger grill. Reviewers agree that the extra cost is equal to the superb taste quality it produces, but for some customers the price may simply be prohibitive.

Traeger Grills Reviews: Analysis

If your priorities include the ability to grill a wide variety of foods with success, this grill deserves your close attention. When the lid is closed, heat surrounds the grill rack, cooking food thoroughly and evenly. Starting and maintaining the temperature couldn’t be simpler, requiring roughly the same work as using a kitchen oven.

Because the starting mechanism is electrically based, a storage space protected from weather would be ideal for long-term functioning. If your budget allows and you can obtain a warranty to protect against possible malfunctions, the conclusion among reviewers is that you will not regret investing in this revolutionary product.

Traeger Grills Reviews: Where To Buy

Traeger Grills can be purchased online!

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