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Chicken on the Grill

Everyone loves grilled chicken. It’s a simple meat that is cheap and forgiving to the beginner chef. Of all meats, chicken is perhaps the best suited for marinades and flavorings. It has little flavor of its own, and easily takes on any flavor the chef chooses to apply.

Basics of Chicken on the Grill 

Grilling chicken is a relatively simple affair. In fact, many outdoor chefs are able to grill a decent piece of chicken their very first time. A common problem, however, is that most do not know how to take their decent chicken to the next level and make it taste truly amazing. In many ways, the properly butchered chicken breast is an ideal cut of meat. It is a whole muscle, very lean, with a muscle fiber structure that retains moisture when cooked properly. The breast accepts marinades and rubs, absorbing their flavoring and color. Nearly any flavor pairs well with chicken, from paprika to pineapple.

Grilled Chicken Recipes

Chicken on the Grill The best recipe for grilled chicken is no recipe at all. This is not to say that you shouldn’t measure your ingredients, or even use recipes as a guide, but strict adherence to a recipe will tend to impede your success as a chef. The best way to procure delicious chicken on the grill is to begin by deciding what flavor and texture you want. Remember that the best meals have a variety of complementary flavors and textures and plan accordingly.

The Secret of Perfect Chicken on the Grill

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when grilling chicken is that you should not overcook it. Overcooking chicken is easy to do. We have all heard about the dangers of undercooked meat and we want to be sure that no bacteria lingers to wreak havoc on our bodies. Chicken does not have to be leathery in order to be safe. The best way to ensure your chicken is not overcooked is to use a good, leave-in meat thermometer. Insert it into the chicken before you begin grilling, and monitor the temperature until it comes within 2 or 3 degrees of the FDA recommended temperature. The chicken will finish coming to the desired temperature as it rests. Resting is the second most important part of grilling chicken. Any whole-muscle meat needs to rest for about 5 minutes per pound after being taken off the grill. This allows the muscle fibers to relax after the strain of the heat, enabling them to reabsorb moisture and distribute heat evenly. If you cut into freshly grilled meat too early, you will have a puddle of juice around a dry chicken breast.

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Grilling Tips

How to BBQ Chicken Breast

Not many people have the skill to grill chicken right, but knowing how to grill a chicken breast will make you a hit at the next neighborhood cookout.

Chicken is a great menu item, but it can be difficult to handle on the grill. Following a few simple tips will make your next barbecue a success. Learn how to make a great grilled chicken breast.

How to BBQ Chicken Breast: Prep time

Because of the shape of chicken breasts, it is easy to overcook some parts of the chicken while leaving other parts underdone. An easy solution is to cut the meat to a more even shape and then pound the chicken to a thickness of about 1/2 inch. Another option is to cut the chicken into strips; just make sure they are large enough so that they do not fall through the grill. A good way to keep the chicken moist is to use a brine or marinade, soaking for about 30 minutes before grilling; an oil-based marinade works best. Do not apply sugar-based sauces, such as BBQ sauce, before grilling because they can cause the chicken to burn; apply these sauces only after the meat is done.

How to BBQ Chicken Breast: Cook time

Before placing the chicken on the grill, you may want to coat the clean grill with oil or cooking spray; this will keep the meat from sticking to the grill. The key to cooking chicken is to use direct heat for a short period of time. You need to turn the meat over only once, and there is no need to sear the chicken; searing the meat will allow the juices to escape and dry out the meat. Boneless chicken will cook in less time than chicken with the bone in.

How to BBQ Chicken Breast: Brine Time

Brine is simply a saltwater solution that chefs use to add more flavor and tenderness to their meat. A basic brine solution is 1 cup of table salt to 1 gallon water; you can adjust the measurements based on the amount of meat you have to prepare, but you want enough brine solution to completely cover the meat. The time for soaking varies depending on the amount of meat and the level of salt flavor you want.

Using these simple tips and the recipes for chicken at, you will having a winning menu that keeps them asking for more.

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