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BBQ Igniters

The BBQ igniter is a simple tool with many applications. Of course, it is made for the primary purpose of lighting gas grills. Unfortunately, however, BBQ igniters sometimes get a bad reputation for being undependable.

BBQ Igniters: The Little Tools that Accomplish Great Things

It seems like every time you want to light the grill, the igniter fails to work properly. This requires you to go in the house and dig around for a match or lighter to get your grill going. A little known fact is that the igniter is rarely the cause of such undependability. More often, the burners are not properly feeding fuel to the igniter, which makes it difficult to light.BBQ igniters

How a BBQ Igniter Works

BBQ igniters use piezo electricity to create a spark that lights the gas in a grill. When we think of electricity, we think of plugging something into a wall, or inserting fresh batteries to power a device.

Piezo electricity is different from what we normally think of as electricity. If you speak Greek, you will recognize the word “piezo” as meaning pressure. Piezo electricity is essentially an electromagnetic charge generated by applying pressure to something. There are certain crystal elements that produce electricity when they are struck with force. In a BBQ igniter, one of these piezo electric crystals is struck, which causes it to emit a spark to light the grill. The spark is small and only lasts for a split second, but it is all that the gas needs to light quickly.

What to Do When Your Grill Won’t Light

If your grill won’t light after you’ve turned on the gas and hit the igniter, there are a few steps to diagnose the problem. Remember to turn off the gas and remove the propane tank completely before attempting any diagnosis or repairs.

1. With the gas turned off and the tank removed, locate the igniter element and watch it as you press the igniter button. If you see a small spark jump across the element, you know your ignition issues are not caused by the igniter. If there is no spark, your easiest option may be to get a replacement igniter. BBQ igniters are available at many online retailers.

2. If you see a spark on the igniter, the problem is likely with the gas burners. With the propane tank still safely disconnected, remove the burners one by one and check for signs of blockage. If there is any blockage in the burners, replace them.

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Grill Parts

Aussie Grill Parts Won’t Put Your Wallet ‘Down Under’

If you happen to be the lucky owner of a fantastic Aussie grill, you know you got a great value for the price. What happens when you need Aussie parts, though?

Aussie Grill Parts and Warranties

These wonderful grills heat very quickly—reaching 550 degrees under 5 minutes—and they are not only convenient, they are a lot of fun to use with all of their cool accessories. This article is filled with information to help you if you are looking for Aussie grill replacement parts and Aussie BBQ Parts.

Get Aussie Grill Parts Here!

aussie grill parts

Most people don’t bother with registering their products after purchasing them, but taking the few minutes it requires to do this can save you lots of money later! Most of

Aussie’s parts come with a 1-5 year warranty on them, and you can find detailed information about the various parts and their warranty on the Aussie grill parts website. If the part isn’t under warranty, or the warranty has expired—don’t despair—there are many online retailers that sell replacement parts at a reasonable price.

Aussie Grill Parts: Where to Find Them?

Get Aussie Replacement Parts Here!

One of the great things about the advent of the internet – is your options for finding exactly what you need are limitless! That’s true with finding parts for your Aussie grill also.

Having the power of choosing from many retailers and venders gives you the ability to do some research and find the best deal possible. Of course you can also have the local retailer where you bought your Aussie grill order the part for you, or if you’re lucky enough—maybe they even carry some of the grill parts there in the store.

If you want to save shipping charges, and possibly some time, that may be your best bet. Otherwise looking online may the simplest option.

For lack of space, we’ll just highlight the most common replacement part that consumers buy—the 15 ¾ inch cast iron burner. We’ll also list some of the places where it can be found online, and what that website’s price for the burner is. Most of these websites carry many additional Aussie parts also. Tip: Make sure you have the grill model and your part number handy to help you streamline your search time.

Aussie Grill Parts and Online Retailers, of course. Get an Aussie Cast Iron Burner Here!

Tip: Don’t forget to factor in shipping and handling charges for your grill parts that you order online, and you also need to find out what the warranty would be on the new part, if any.

Grill Parts

Grill Replacement Parts

Getting replacement parts for your grill is not hard and does not have to be expensive. If yours is out of commission, why wait any longer to fix it up?

The following lists identify brand name companies as well as grill parts available for various models. Check it out to see what is available.

Grill Replacement Parts by brand

  • Grill Parts (by brand)
    • Aussie Grill Parts
    • Brinkman Grill Parts
    • Coleman Grill Parts
    • DCS Grill Parts
    • Ducane Grill Parts
    • Fiesta Grill Parts
    • George Foreman Grill Parts
    • Grand Hall Grill Parts
    • Holland Grill Parts
    • Kenmore Grill Parts
    • Members Mark Grill Parts
    • Members Mark Grill Parts
    • Perfect Flame Grill Parts
    • Uniflame Grill Parts
    • Vermont Castings Grill Parts
    • Weber Grill Parts

Grill Replacement Parts for these models include:

Adapter hoses, cooking grates, stainless steel burners, igniter kits, propane tank refill adapters, thermometers, stainless steel burner tube sets, catch pans and holders, caster wheels, high heat gaskets, charcoal rails, aluminum grill liners, lid handles, burner replacements, gas grill covers, and chimney starters.Grill Replacement Parts

Various Types of Grill Replacement Parts

  • Grill Parts (by part)
    • BBQ Igniters
    • Gas Burner
    • Heat Shields
    • Propane Regulator

Grill Replacement Parts in these categories include:

Universal BBQ igniters, electric BBQ igniters, igniter kits, replacement gas burners, steel heat plates, cast iron burners, stainless steel burners, porcelain heat shields, propane regulator hose replacements, propane level indicator and safety gauges, and propane hose and regulator kits.

Importance of Grill Parts

Everybody dreads having the grill break down on the day of the cookout. It can be really embarrassing when you end up having to order pizza as a substitute. With a little bit of foresight, you can take steps to make sure that kind of scenario does not happen.

When you notice that parts of your grill are becoming worn be sure to address the situation immediately. Ignoring the problem serves only to postpone impending disaster.

Also, it would probably be a good idea to keep a robust supply of commonly needed spare grill parts. Especially if you grill often, you should become familiar with which parts tend to wear out the quickest. Including extras of those pieces in your replacement parts stash is a smart move.

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