Grill Types

Built in Grills

A built in grill is a bold and sizzling way to add equity to your home and beef up your overall grilling experience.

Bar-b-que grills like this are increasing in popularity as many are discovering the perks of owning one for themselves.

Built in Grills: Features

So what makes this such a hot item? Many find that they eliminate the hassles that tend to go along with outdoor grilling. They also set Built in Grillup the perfect basis for creating an outdoor kitchen area. They come with a variety of desirable features such as warming drawers or cocktail stations – or whatever else you may dream up.

As with other types of grills, many different models are available such as propane, natural gas, propane, duel fuel, and hardwood, as are many different sizes.  When it comes to your grilling needs, you should be able to find a style of this grill that will suit your needs perfectly.

Built in Grills: Pros and Cons

When you build a grill into your outdoor living area, you are increasing the value and saleability of your home. This is definitely a perk. And as already mentioned, there are many features which can be added that other types of grills don’t offer. They’re also easy to assemble, safer to use, and they’re known to provide flawless heat distribution which ensures your food will turn out just as you planned. Perhaps one of the downsides to built in bbq grills is their initial cost, but when viewed as an investment, most find it to be well worth it.

Built in Grills: Is it for you?

What it seems to boil down to then is whether or not a grill like this is for you. It depends on what you are wanting out of your grill.  They have been referred to by many as an essential or must-have item, and are not going to be fading out anytime soon. If you are looking to do a little grilling at a park, a standard portable charcoal grill is fine, but if you’re looking to take your at-home grilling experiences to the next level – a built in grill is where it’s at.

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Grill Types

Portable Grills

Are you ready to have a cookout at your small apartment or college dorm room? Travelling and can’t live without your grill? Try a portable grill!

If you’re pressed for space, you’ll definitely be looking at a portable grill that both saves space and enables you to smoke some great barbecue.

Portable style grills come in nearly infinite varieties, each with distinct advantages and disadvantages.

Portable Grills Features

Mobile grills are designed for portability. They are not mounted on a beautiful brick assembly in your back-yard. These grills are portable grillsdesigned for the tailgate party, the campout, or even the dorm room barbeque. They save space, and are an essential for a camping trip or football event. They come in four varieties, each with distinct features:

Portable charcoal grills are a smaller version of the old-school, smoke-billowing grill your Dad used to use. If you don’t have neighbors—or a college fire code—to worry about, a portable charcoal grill may be for you.

Portable gas grills use propane to cook your delicious bar-b-q, which gives the grill man control over the cooking temperature. Safe storage of the propane is essential, but mature handling of the tank makes this a highly effective grill.

Portable electric grills are a great alternative if you need to cook indoors. This type of grill not only produces less smoke, but cooks in a healthier manner. There’s less grease, and a more locked-in style of flavor.

Finally, Portable infrared grills cook the meat faster—and in many cases, better—than the above portable grill alternatives. However, with all new technologies, the primary downside is price. Portable infrared grills are also more rare and, frankly, much more expensive. But if you’re after a premium cookout experience, a portable infrared grill is for you.

Portable Grills Pros and Cons

The portable grill’s distinct advantage is that… well, they’re portable. You can haul your grill to a campout, cookout, friend’s house, or to a new place of residence. This is an advantage that larger, mounted grills, though classier, just don’t have.

However, a portable grill has its downsides. Most portable type grills don’t have the premium controls of their larger cousins. In addition, they aren’t designed to create a feast for huge groups of people.

Portable Grills Is it for you?

There are thousands of varieties of grills out there… but only one for you. If you want to enhance your campout, tailgate party, small apartment, or dorm room, then consider adding a portable grill to your cooking arsenal.

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