Grill Types

Built in Grills

A built in grill is a bold and sizzling way to add equity to your home and beef up your overall grilling experience.

Bar-b-que grills like this are increasing in popularity as many are discovering the perks of owning one for themselves.

Built in Grills: Features

So what makes this such a hot item? Many find that they eliminate the hassles that tend to go along with outdoor grilling. They also set Built in Grillup the perfect basis for creating an outdoor kitchen area. They come with a variety of desirable features such as warming drawers or cocktail stations – or whatever else you may dream up.

As with other types of grills, many different models are available such as propane, natural gas, propane, duel fuel, and hardwood, as are many different sizes.  When it comes to your grilling needs, you should be able to find a style of this grill that will suit your needs perfectly.

Built in Grills: Pros and Cons

When you build a grill into your outdoor living area, you are increasing the value and saleability of your home. This is definitely a perk. And as already mentioned, there are many features which can be added that other types of grills don’t offer. They’re also easy to assemble, safer to use, and they’re known to provide flawless heat distribution which ensures your food will turn out just as you planned. Perhaps one of the downsides to built in bbq grills is their initial cost, but when viewed as an investment, most find it to be well worth it.

Built in Grills: Is it for you?

What it seems to boil down to then is whether or not a grill like this is for you. It depends on what you are wanting out of your grill.  They have been referred to by many as an essential or must-have item, and are not going to be fading out anytime soon. If you are looking to do a little grilling at a park, a standard portable charcoal grill is fine, but if you’re looking to take your at-home grilling experiences to the next level – a built in grill is where it’s at.

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Grill Types

Electric Grills

Feature rich electric grills are fast, efficient and safe. With all the different grills out there, how can I know if an electric grill is right for me?

Electric powered grills and smokers offer features that other types of grills and smokers cannot. Here are some tips that can help you decide if an electric grill can meet all your grilling needs.

Electric Grills: Features

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Electric powered grills are not as popular as gas grills and charcoal grills but they have a useful and secure place in the family of grills. Since they run on electricity, these grills have some features that gas grills and charcoal grills cannot offer. Electricity as a fuel for grilling is fast, efficient, clean and easy to use. However, the overriding feature of the electric grill is that it can used indoors and in places where other types of grills are often banned, such as balconies in multi-unit dwellings.

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Electric Grills: Pros and Cons

  • Pros: There are several positive things to say about electric powered grills and smokers. Some of these features might temp you to start looking around for one.
    • Fast fire up time, you can be up and cooking very quickly.
    • Consistent, even easily controlled heat; even heat across the entire grill.
    • Low maintenance; no residue to clean up; no tanks to replace; no charcoal and ashes to mess with.
    • Good fuel for smokers; steady low and slow heat, easily controlled; set and forget it until the meat is done. Electric fueled smokers have grown in popularity.
    • Unlike gas and charcoal, can be used indoors; this is the biggest selling factor for electric powered grills.
    • For safety reasons, sometimes gas and charcoal grills are banned in some circumstances where electric powered grills are not. A common example of this is on the upper balconies of multi-unit residential buildings.
    • Smaller tabletop versions, such as the George Forman line, are readily available.
    • You can often get electric fueled grills for a fraction of the cost of other grills.
  • Cons: With all those positive features, you might think that everyone would own an electric grill. Well, electric powered grills and smokers are not perfect, and here are some things people do not like.
    • Though they are great indoors, electric powered grills can be awkward out of doors; you will need to run an extension cord or have an outdoor outlet near the grill.
    • Electric powered grills lack portability; because they need a power source, they are difficult to use on a camping trip or at the beach.
    • Grilling purist claim electric powered grills cannot produce the grilled flavors of the other fuels, especially charcoal.
    • It might be hard to put ones finger on it, but for some reason, when you are outdoors, cooking on an electric grill is just not as much fun as cooking on a blazing fire or white hot coals igniting the drippings from a juicy steak.

Electric Grills: Are They for You?

There are a lot of pros and cons with electric grills. They might not be for everyone, but there are many positive features, and many people who could benefit from those features. If you live in an apartment, trailer or like grilling in the dead of winter, an electric powered grill may be your best option. There are many people with electric grills who have learned to cook some delicious foods on them. Just ask George Foreman.
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