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How to Grill Chicken on a Gas Grill

Most people think they know how to grill chicken – just throw the chicken on the grill until it is cooked and dried out. Here are some tips to keep that chicken moist, juicy and tasty.

Grilling chicken thighs on gas grill (or wings, etc.) is a traditional bbq favorite. With a little patience and care, chicken cooked over a gas grill can be a very special all season treat.

How to Grill Chicken on a Gas Grill: Be Kind to Your Bird

Though chicken is one of the popular meats for grilling and bbq, it is also one of the most abused. Fear of under cooking drives many cooks to grill chicken into shoe leather. Plus, chicken dries out faster than most meats. Salmonella is a real concern, but it is not a good reason to turn chicken parts into hockey pucks.

You can be perfectly safe while leaving all those wonderful juices and flavors in the meat. A meat thermometer is a good inexpensive investment. When that chicken reaches 165°F you can rest assured the meat is cooked with the juices still flowing. With no thermometer, there is always the temptation to over cook for safety’s sake. We all want to be safe, but we do not have to destroy dinner to do it.

How to Grill Chicken on a Gas Grill: Some Certain Steps

Wash the chicken thoroughly. Cover the bird with your choice of spices. Be sure not to miss any parts. Heat the grill to about 240° and coat it with oil. Place the chicken on the grill, close the lid and turn it about every ten minutes. After 30 minutes start checking the thermometer. The chicken is done when the inside reaches 165°F. At this point, the outside of the chicken will be golden brown.

How to Grill Chicken on a Gas Grill: Tips on Indirect Cooking

This can be done on any gas grill with multiple burners. Turn the burners up high and run for a few minutes until everything is hot. Turn a burner all way down and place the chicken over the turned off burner. Close the lid and let the grill do its thing. This method is a little slower, it takes about ten minutes longer, but you are less likely to accidentally over cook the chicken.

When grilling with gas, you have the luxury of greater control over the heat when compared to other types of grills. This is very helpful when you are cooking sensitive meat like chicken.

Here one final, but very important tip. When your chicken is done cooking, take it off the grill, put it on a serving dish and let it set for at least ten minutes before cutting it up. Cooling draws the juices back to the center of the chicken.

If you fail to let it sit, the meat in the center will be dry and hard. To be able to treat your family and friends to some great juicy chicken, you will need to know the best way to grill chicken.

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