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How to Barbecue Steak

Do you want to know how to grill steak? Are you looking to impress your friends and family with a mouthwatering barbecue steak recipe?

Learning how to grill a steak takes more than just throwing a piece of meat on the grill.

With the right tools and techniques, your steaks will be the talk of the neighborhood. And it’s not complicated; in fact, knowing how to grill a steak is quick and easy.

How to Barbecue Steak: Buying the Meat

The first decision to make before going to the grill is what cut of meat are you going to use; this is mainly a matter of preference. What can you afford? What flavor do like? How much fat do you like in your steak?

The filet is the most tender of the steak choices, though with less steak flavor; it is also the more costly. Ribeye steaks have more fat marbled throughout and provide a juicy, flavorful steak when cooked properly. Going down the cost spectrum, you have strips, T-bones and Porterhouse, and finally sirloin.

No matter what cut of steak you get, make sure it is a good thickness, about an inch.

How to Barbecue Steak: Prepping the Meat

The best steak is a fresh steak, so try not to freeze your steaks; instead, try to purchase them on the day you are going to use them. If you have to freeze them, try to thaw them in the refrigerator or cold water. When it is time to throw those steaks on the grill, they should be at room temperature.

After patting the steaks dry, feel free to cover them in a rub or marinade (remember marinades should be applied about 30 minutes before grilling). You can find great recipes for rubs and marinades at

How to Barbecue Steak: Cooking the Meat

Gas grills are best for cooking steaks, but charcoal grills are great too for giving that meat a nice charred flavor; either way, make sure your grill is hot. A gas grill should preheat for about 20 minutes, and charcoal should be covered in gray ash. If using a charcoal grill, you may want to consider an alternate heating source for lighting the goals to avoid the taste of starter fluid.

The key to barbecuing good steak is to use the shortest amount of time possible without burning the steak. Once your steak is at room temperature and you have applied any rub or marinade, place your steaks on the hot grill and close the lid. Don’t let your steaks catch on fire but watch for the sides to turn gray; then turn the steaks over and close the lid again.

Once all the sides are gray and there are the tell-tale grill marks on both sides, you can check for doneness. After you have achieved the doneness you like, let the steak sit about 5 minutes and then enjoy. Congratulations! You’ve learned how to grill steak!

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