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Holland Grill Recipes

Are you the proud owner of a Holland Grill and ready to cook up some mouthwatering, out of this world taste sensations? Holland grills have plenty of recipes to fit the menu.

The Holland Grill’s unique no-flare grilling system allows you to cook up the most flavorful dishes. And the drip pan that sits between flame and food puts the sizzle back into your food.

Holland Grill Recipes for Meat

Have you ever thought about barbecuing pot roast or meatloaf? With your Holland Grill, you can cook these and other traditional beef Holland Grill Recipesdishes, including ribs, steaks, and brisket. From BBQ to tenderloin, from roast to chops, these simple cooking instructions will set your mouth to watering for pork. Chicken, turkey, Cornish hens, quail—they can all be barbecued on the Holland Grill.

Holland Grill Recipes for Seafood

Grilling seafood is the tried and true method for cooking up fish, lobster, and shrimp. These easy to follow instructions guide you through the tricky task of cooking flaky, tasty seafood. And you won’t stink up the house.

Holland Grill Recipes for Vegetables

If it grows in your garden, you can cook it with the Holland Grill. No one will turn away from these tasty menu items, and your kids may even ask for more.

The Extras

Recipes for Sauces and Rubs

Though the Holland Grill gives your food great flavor by itself, some may want to try new combinations for rubs and sauces to spice up the menu.

Recipes for Breads and Desserts

Homemade bread and fruit pies of every variety never tasted so good as when cooked on the grill. Turn your barbecue into a bake-off.

Holland Grill Recipes for Breakfast

Rise and shine to try grilling for breakfast. With sausage, eggs, and biscuits hot off the grill, you won’t start the day hungry.

Finding the Best Recipes for Holland Grills

Check out our site for more great recipes. Each recipe comes with a list of ingredients and instructions as well as the Holland Grill accessories needed to make the perfect dish. Print individual recipes and cooking time charts, or get the book and try them all.Watch a cooking demonstration of your favorite recipes online or in person and learn the skills for making your next cookout a hit. Impress the neighbors with award-winning recipes, made on your Holland Grill.

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