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How to Cook Pork Chops in the Oven

How to cook pork chops in the oven using plain and simple methods and you have a meal to remember. Check it out.

Can you find a better treat than a couple of thick juicy oven baked pork chops cooked with the bone in?

For great oven cooked pork chops, starting with the right piece of meat is critical. However, you must know how to prepare and cook it if you don’t want it dry and disappointing.

How to Cook Pork Chops in the Oven: Your Choice of Pork Cut

If you want great flavor, you need to know how to shop for the right cut of pork and this is counter intuitive to many things you hear about meat. First of all, the right cut is critical. For great oven baked pork chops you need to have plenty of meat on the bone and pleanty of fat and rind on the meat. The pork chops should should be an inch thick or better and have the bone in.

Those boneless, thin, lean pieces of pork chop filet you find in so many supermarkets today end up at best tasteless and at worse end up tasting like dried out cardboard when you try to bake them. The good news is that he pork chops you want are often sold as the cheaper or discount cut because of higher fat content and for having the bone left in.

Chops in the Oven: Preparing the Chops for the Oven

Prepare the chops by snipping the rind every inch or so around the chop. Do this without cutting into the meat. This keeps the chop from curling up while cooking. Rub the chops down with olive oil and season with black pepper and sea salt. Preheat your kitchen oven as high as it will go. Place the pork chops on a tray.

Chops in the Oven: Cooking the Chops

After the oven is hot put in the pork chops. Cook them until the fat turns crispy and brown, about 10 minutes. Turn the temperature down to 300 degrees F and cook for an additional 15 minutes. Remove the chops from the oven and then allow them to rest for a while. Resting is critical because when the meat starts to cool, it contracts and the juices are drawn back to the center of the chop.

This plain and simple way of how to cook pork chops in the oven is very satisfying, but oven baked pork chops is also a great opportunity to try out some of your favorite seasonings and rubs.

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