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Napoleon Gourmet Grill Company is the best-known manufacturer of all types of BBQs and grills still made in North America.  What kind of reviews does the company receive?

Napoleon Grill Reviews – The Company

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Napoleon Gourmet Grill Company is North America’s largest privately owned grill company and many people like the thought of helping the North American economy by buying these grills.  The company has received awards for design and innovation and is noted for producing grills which are crafted from a combination of 304 stainless steel and cast aluminum.  Their 16 gauge steel burners come with a lifetime warranty.

Napoleon Grill Reviews – Types, Features, and Price Range of Grills

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Grills manufactured by Napoleon come in styles small to super large. Napoleon produces small indoor countertop electric models and outdoor propane family grills, all the way to outdoor natural gas cooking centers with all the bells and whistles (think Food Channel grilling programs.)   For those tailgate parties, RV travel, and summer picnics, Napoleon sells a popular propane-fuelled Travel Q portable bar-b-q.

Because Napoleon grills are crafted with high quality materials the prices on these grills run a little bit more than imported brands.  The indoor electric counter top grills run less than a hundred dollars, and prices go up into the thousands for the deluxe outdoor grilling stations.

The Napoleon Company also sells many helpful accessories for their grills. Favorite accessories include the rotisserie, skewers for kababs, the multi grill basket for fish or vegetables, and a smoker pipe used with wood chips to add that BBQ smoked flavour to food.  Several barbecue models also convert to charcoal-based grills with use of the charcoal tray accessory.

Napoleon Grill Reviews – What people didn’t like

A few consumers were unhappy with the quality of medium-high priced models and cited problems with uneven heat distribution and irregular heat – sometimes hot and the next time only warm.  A few complained of faulty igniters that rapidly used up batteries.  There were several complaints about problems with the infrared feature on some of the higher end grills.  The barbecues which feature 4 rear burners in an M shape caused hot spots for a few reviewers.

Napoleon Grill Reviews – What people liked

The reviews were overall favorable for most features.  Outstanding comments include that the Napoleon BBQs have a stylish appearance and many models feature a space-saving, easy to lift lid.  The medium to large models are produced with thick 304 stainless steel carts and feature a large shelf to work from.  Many reviewers commented that the grills offered even heating with no hot or cold spots. Overall reviewers were pleased with the quality and versatility of Napoleon grills.

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