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Using your Traeger Grill

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Have you explored the many uses of traeger grills? Of course you know you can grill out on hot summer nights. But did you realize that you can also bake, smoke, or roast your next meal? Branch out in your cooking ventures by using these great features!

Baking with your Traeger Grill

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With your grill, you can enjoy the flavor from a wood-fired oven without the hassle of constantly feeding a wood stove. All you need to do is select your cooking temperature, put in your cookies, pizza, pie, or casserole, and let the grill do the work! The fan in your grill keeps the temperature even, allowing for perfect cooking of your dish.

Smoking with your Traeger grill

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What’s your favorite smoked dish? Use your grill to prepare treats for friends and family alike. When they taste your smoked turkey, salmon, or ribs, they’ll be asking for your secret. Add flavor, color, and style to any meal without the usual effort that comes with smoking meat. You’ll serve treats that become the talk of the neighborhood!

Roasting with your Traeger

Gone are the days of working alone in a toasty kitchen! For those who prefer a slow-cooked meal, using your grill is still the way to go. You can enjoy the outdoors while preparing your meal. Roasting your meat keeps it tender and juicy, and you’ll have the added benefit of the delicious wood-cooked flavor. Whether you roast lamb, beef, pork, or chicken, you’ll be a sure success with these tasty dishes.

Traeger grill convenience

You’ll enjoy new freedom as you use your grill! Stop worrying about your cooking and forget the chore of watching for fire-starting drips, blackened meat, or uneven cooking temperatures. Now you can play a game of volleyball, watch the news, or chat with friends while your dinner cooks on its own. Once you set the temperature for your grill, you can count on it to maintain that selection for several hours.

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