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New Holland Grills

Those who have found standard gas grills rather frustrating to operate have discovered that new holland brand grills hold the solution to their barbeque problems.

Holland’s unique drip-pan configuration eliminates flare-ups from dripping juices, guaranteeing consistency and evenness in the delicious meals that come off your grill. Read on to see how this grill can transform your grilling experience.

New Holland Grills: Information

Backyard BBQ enthusiasts have often experienced annoyance and even a ruined meal by having their carefully prepared meats burned by flare-ups due to dripping grease. The Holland System, developed about twenty years ago, takes care of this problem by placing a drip pan between the grill rack and the flame.

Instead of causing destructive flare-ups, the juices from grilling meats sizzle on the drip pan and create smoke that makes your barbecue even better.

Holland advertises that you can simply close the lid and cook by time, eliminating the need to constantly check the grill and adjust the placement of meat.

New Holland Grills: Models

New holland brand grills are available in a variety of models, from the “Companion”, a small portable grill ideal for camping or tailgating, to the “Patriot,” which incorporates the patented Holland System in a charcoal grill. Other available models feature a stainless steel body, storage cabinets, and a separate infrared searing grill. Although Holland does not sell directly to consumers, their grills can be found at many local retailers. 

New Holland Grills: Are They Right For You?

Grilling in the backyard, at a company picnic, or for a social event should be enjoyable. If you are spending an entire picnic standing over a flaming grill trying to keep your meat cooking evenly, you are missing out on the joys of grilling! Holland advertises that you can simply close the grill’s lid and cook by time, leaving you more time for enjoying your event.

If you are looking for a grill that makes barbequing a fun, simple, easy, and greatly rewarding experience, you should definitely visit your local retailer to take a look at a new Holland grill.

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