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Grill Brands

All the grill brands aside, grilling and barbeque are among the most popular forms of cooking. But which brand makes the best grill?

What makes grilling and barbecue so inviting? And why does that grilled smoky bbq’ed food taste so good? It has a lot to do with your grill brand!

Grill Brands: Performance, Convenience and Savings

First, you may want to consider the type of grill, the main types being gas or charcoal. Then you should consider the importance of your grill brands. Grill brands are numerous:

  • Amana Grills
  • Aussie Grills
  • Beefeater Grills
  • Big Green Egg Grills
  • Blue Ember Grills
  • Bond Grills
  • Bubba Keg Grills
  • Bradley Smoker
  • Brinkmann Grills
  • Broil King
  • Broilmaster Grills
  • Char-Broil Grills
  • Charmglow Grills
  • Cla Grills
  • Coleman Grills
  • Dcs Grillsgrill brands
  • Ducane Grills
  • Fiesta Grills
  • Fire Magic Grills
  • George Foreman Grills
  • Grillmaster Grills
  • Holland Grills
  • Huntington Grills
  • Jenn-Air Grills
  • Kamado Grills
  • Kenmore Grills
  • Kitchenaid Grills
  • Lynx Grills
  • Master Forge Grills
  • Members Mark Grills
  • Minden Grills
  • Napoleon Grills
  • New Braunfels Grills
  • New Holland Grills
  • Perfect Flame Grills
  • Primo Grills
  • Solaire Grills
  • Sonoma Grills
  • Stok Grills
  • Sunbeam Grills
  • TEC Grills
  • Thermos Grills
  • Traeger Grills
  • Uniflame Grills
  • Vermont Castings Grills
  • Viking Grills
  • Weber Grills
  • Wolf Grills

The Right Grill Brands for Great Fun

Grilling and barbecue have evolved over the years from a mere method of cooking into a virtual art form. Beyond the seriously delicious tasting food, bbq get-togethers are great fun and an ever-ready excuse to party – whether it is a hot summer day picnic, a cool autumn evening on the patio or lively Super Bowl parties in the dead of winter, grilling and bar-b-q are great fun.

In addition, it is a chance for you guys to show off your shiny new grill and your newfound barbeque skills to your buddies. By the way, some of the grills on the grill brands list look positively spectacular.

Finding the right grill brands

When considering grill brands, the gas-fired models have a level of convenience that charcoal fired grills cannot match. However, many grilling and barbeque aficionados prefer the taste of food cooked over a real bed of charcoal. Those who fall into the gas grill camp point out the convenience – just turn it on and “hello”, you are ready to go.

Moreover, gas burns clean, there is no messing with charcoal briquettes, no lighting, no lighting fluid, no waiting around for the fire to glow, and much easier easy clean up.

A charcoal grill is not as convenient, but it has one feature that for some grilling enthusiasts overrides all other considerations: smoke flavor. Skilled cooks know how to use that dry, white-hot heat to quickly sear meat and give it that caramelized, crusty coating with that smoked flavor.

The trade off is that it takes more attention, time and clean up for a charcoal grill than a gas grill. When shopping for grill brands, charcoal grills will be less expensive than gas grills. Charcoal is more portable for taking on picnics and trips. Plus with charcoal grill brands, you get the fun of playing with fire.

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