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BBQ Accessories

Ah, the hot days of summer! Swimming, boating, camping, and of course grilling! But do you have the right BBQ accessories to make your bbq grilling experience a sensational success?

Having the right tools makes any job easier and more enjoyable. Barbecuing is no different. You need more than charcoal and a lighter to cook up some mouthwatering meals.

BBQ Accessories: Charcoal Starters

To do the job right, get the right tools!

A charcoal chimney allows you to burn the charcoal from the bottom up for a more even heating; charcoal goes on top and newspaper goes underneath. You want to look for durability and safe handling options as well as rust-resistant materials.

An electric charcoal starter allows you to ignite the charcoal without the use of lighter fluid; however, you do need a source of electricity. Again, look for rust-resistant materials and safety features.

A grill igniter is most often found in gas grills, but a grill igniter kit can be purchased as well; it consists of a gas collector box, ceramic electrode, wire, and an igniter push button.

BBQ Accessories: Grilling Tools

Grill Wear: Every good barbeque master should have a bbq apron, bbq gloves and mitts; of course, the most popular apron is “The Grill Sergeant.” Be sure your gloves and mitts are flame resistant.

Grilling Utensils: A good set of BBQ tools should include a bbq brush for lathering on the sauces, a bbq fork, and a bbq spatula for flipping as well as grilling tongs, a meat thermometer, and skewers for the ever-popular shish kabobs.

Flavor Enhancing: Bisquettes, grill toppers, grilling planks, hickory wood chips, mesquite wood chips, and smoker chips enhance the flavor of your meat and vegetables without loading on the spices.

Accessories for the Grill:
The serious barbecue chef may want to add BBQ lights, drip pans, flavorizer bars, grill baskets, grill carts, grill covers, grill racks, grill rotisseries, grill stands and carts, grill grates, a jalepeno rack, a rib rack, and a propane gas gauge meter to his list of necessary BBQ accessories.

Grill Maintenance: When the grilling is done, the cleanup is begun. A grill brush and grill wipes get the job done quickly and cleanly so that the next time you are ready to fire up the grill, it is all ready to go. Keeping the grill clean will also prolong the life of your grill.

BBQ Accessories: Grilling Supplies

So get your charcoal, fire starters, and propane. Turn up the heat and cook up the meat. With the right BBQ accessories, you will be cooking up tasty tidbits in no time.

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