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George Foreman 360 Grill Reviews

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This indoor barbecue grill comes with five removable plates to cook deep-dish pizza, burgers, steaks and extra. But what do the reviews say about this significant unit?

George Foreman 360 Grill Reviews – The Features

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The George Foreman indoor barbecue grill can be a full circle (360°) grill having a big 106 square inch grilling surface. Five removable plates permit you to make use of the grill as a griddle, press, grill and oven. A sliding temperature control permits each low heat and high heat cooking.

The floating hinge on the cover lets you bar-b-q thick steaks and you could tilt the grill to ensure that fat and juices from cooking drain into a drip tray. Handles on the grill stay cool to the touch and a triple non-stick grill surface lets cooked food slide out readily.

The 1500-watt grill has embedded heating elements which give consistent heat. The unit measures 17-½ x 15 x 5-7/8 inches and comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

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George Foreman 360 Grill Reviews – Things Users Liked

  • Grills, bakes or fries food and does so quickly
  • Floating cover hinge allows you to cook foods of different thicknesses
  • Grill plates easy to switch back and forth and are dishwasher safe
  • Easy to use significant stick-free cooking surface that allows easy fat-free cooking
  • Can switch the bbq grill to an angled setting allowing liquids from foods to drain into a tray
  • Temperature control permits low heat cooking

George Foreman 360 Grill Reviews – Things Users Didn’t Like

  • Large sticker on top of grill was really hard to remove
  • Takes up a lot of countertop space, the round shape doesn’t permit it sitting flush with the wall, and it’s too tall to open fully under most cabinets
  • Easy to accidently insert the grill plates in backwards causing the plate to lock improperly and at times fall out of the grill
  • Didn’t always maintain stick free surface after one year
  • Several users complained that the unit simply stopped cooking after a few weeks. The company replaced the grill but the whole experience was inconvenient
  • Doesn’t make brown grilling marks on food like earlier Foreman grills did
  • The power cord is very short
  • Some did not like the larger price that comes with a larger unit
  • Some users felt that the unit does not get as hot as earlier Foreman models; others felt that steaks cooked too quickly

George Foreman 360 Grill Reviews – The Final Word

Overall users really liked the grill and felt it is actually a good versatile product for indoor barbeque and cooking. Most users that had problems were very happy with the company’s customer service, but did not like the hassle of having to get something replaced or repaired.

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