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Bubba Keg Grill Reviews

The unique advantages of Bubba Keg grills, with their kamado shape coupled with the strength of steel, are well known. If you’re not familiar with Bubba Kegs, visit our grill brands page to understand more about them.

For the most part, Bubba Keg lives up to the hype. Their advertising is spot on in nearly every area, which is something that can be said for few manufacturers. However, there are a few design flaws worth noting.

Bubba Keg Grill Reviews: Overview

Bubba Keg grills receive much praise from their users. The steel grill is durable, fuel efficient, and well insulated. Because of its durability, the grill is easily transportable and very weather resistant. There is something to be said for a grill company with such a loyal user base. The overwhelming praise from Bubba Keg owners shows that the company is doing a lot of the right things with their grills.Bubba Keg Grill Reviews
The grill is shaped like a Japanese kamado cooker, but has been stylized with the appearance of a beer keg. The low brow looks of the grill stop there, however. The grill is designed to maximize efficiency and minimize moisture loss in food. These two things, the Bubba Keg accomplishes easily; all the while imparting great flavor to the food being grilled.

Bubba Keg Grill Reviews: Pros and Cons

Fortunately, the list of pros from Bubba Keg owners is much longer than the list of cons. The following is a compiled list of the most common pros and cons found in Bubba Keg grill reviews around the internet.


  • The grill shape allows it to be used for high or low temperatures with a remarkable level of stability
  • The grill’s steel construction makes it durable and is easy to transport
  • The grill features an insulated layer to minimize heat loss
  • Because of the easy airflow, the grill is easy to light
  • The grill is easy to turn off by shutting the air vents.


  • The grill top vent is not water proof, which allows rain to get into the grill and can cause mold if the grill is not kept spotlessly clean.
  • The steel grates and cooking utensils can scratch off the enamel coating on the grill interior, allowing the steel underneath to rust.


Overall, the Bubba Keg is a great grill with many advantages. Its steel construction creates a few drawbacks, but these are minor when compared to the advantages of steel. The grill should be cared for properly to ensure water does not damage the interior and care should be exercised when the grate is being moved around.

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