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Choosing the right smoker can be a difficult chore. Knowing about different type of smokers can help you save time, money and make sure you are among the satisfied owners of smoker grills.

Smoker grills come in various types and can run from under one hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. But don’t worry, the right smoker is out there for you that can do a great job and still fit within your budget.

Smoker Grills: Features

One thing that sets all types of smokers apart from other grills is the “low and slow” feature. The cooking process is usually no less than a few hours and can last days.

Whatever the flavor, usually determined by the type of wood that is the source of the smoke, it thoroughly penetrates the meat. They all have racks and a firebox with vents and a water pan for controlling temperature, airflow and moisture.

Like conventional grills, smokers can be fueled by gas, charcoal, electricity and wood.

Smoker Grills: Pros and Cons

When choosing smokers, the first step is knowing the different types of smokers. After you do your homework and know what your choices are you will see that all smokers do not work the same way and some types have features that others do not. Types of smokers include:

  • Vertical water smokers.  If you are new to smoking, a vertical water smoker is ideal. It looks like a garbage can containing racks, a fire pit and a water pan for regulating temperature and moisture.
    • Pros: fuel choice; ease of use; portable; affordable; efficient
    • Cons: need to watch temperature with care; many cheap and flimsy models out there
  • Electric smokers. Due to ease of use, has become a popular fuel.
    • Pros: can fuel all types of smokers; the easiest fuel for cleaning and maintaining; set it and forget it until the meat is done
    • Cons: lack of portability; must have power source.
  • Offset smokers.  Offset smokers are for the serious minded smoker, whether you are a professional or dedicated amateur. Designed for those who definitely not in a hurry. The offset smoker separates the firebox from the smoking chamber. This offset means that the meat gets only indirect heat and has little chance of burning. The heat and smoke have to pass through a baffle before being drawn through the smoking chamber and over the meat and out the chimney.
    • Pros: large chamber can hold a lot of meat of several varieties at once; little chance of burning meat
    • Cons: cheaper units may not seal tight and have inconsistent temperatures; generally more expensive

Smoker Grills: Is It for You?

Perhaps this give you an idea of what to look for if you are new to smoking. You have various types of smokers and fuel options. The types mentioned here should serve anyone thinking of getting into smoking very well. Do your research on smokers, take your time and you will soon be cooking fabulous bbq with the best of them.

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