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Gas Grills

Tired of going through a whole box of matches each time you fire up the grill? Maybe it’s time to try a gas grill!

Unlike other grills, gas is convenient and reliable, starting instantly and heating up in minutes. Get the satisfaction of grilling without the frustration of trying to light coals and waiting for the perfect temperature.

Gas Grills: Features

Gas grills are easy to use: after turning on the valve to the gas source, a starter button produces a spark which immediately ignites Gas Grillsthe grill. The valve register on the front of the grill regulates the temperature, and the hood can be opened or closed depending on the amount of heat needed. Think of gas as a hybrid between the kitchen stove and a traditional outdoor grill.

Natural gas and propane are the two sources of fuel for a gas grill. Although natural gas requires installing a gas line, the fuel itself is less expensive than propane. Natural gas is safer because it is connected to a gas line controlled by a valve, unlike propane which requires constant changing of the tanks.

Natural gas also has a more noticeable smell, dissipates faster, and burns cleaner than propane. However, propane grills are easy to set up ad are not tied to a gas line. Compact portable propane grills are inexpensive and ideal for camping trips and other outdoor cooking.

Although grilling is mainly an outdoor experience, indoor grills guarantee your cookout even on a rainy day! Open grills mimic outdoor grills with the heat source under the grid. Folding contact grills work like a Panini maker, cooking both sides of the food simultaneously.

Gas Grills: Pros and Cons

The greatest advantage of gas is that it starts instantly and its temperature is easy to regulate. Also, it is less smoky than other grills, and clean-up is basically scrubbing down the grid–no ashes or soot to dispose of. These grills cool down quickly, reducing the risk of uncontrolled fires that other grills pose.

Gas Grills: Is it for you?

If you get frustrated with the the time firing up the grill takes, with burning your food because you tried to cook it too soon, or with cleaning out ashes after the grill finally cools down, consider switching to a gas grill.

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