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Vegetables On the Grill

When most people think of grilling, they think of beef, pork, chicken, and fish. Meat is the grill’s best friend. But cooking vegetables on the grill adds an appealing flavor as well as those aesthetically pleasing grill marks. Believe it or not, grilling your vegetables is both quick and easy.

What You Need to Know About Vegetables on the Grill

If you’re new to grilling vegetables, here are the basics you need to know:

  • Vegetables cook quickly, so don’t leave them on too long.
  • Keep them from sticking by marinating or brushing with oil.
  • Some veggies, like artichokes, can be pre-cooked and then added to the grill for a couple of minutes to add flavor.
  • Use a skewer to grill small veggies like cherry tomatoes or small pieces of larger vegetables. Voila! Shish-ka-bobs!

vegetables on the grill

The Best Vegetables on the Grill

While you can cook just about any vegetable on the grill, certain ones seem to stand out from the crowd. Some favorites include:

  • Corn–Peel back husks, remove strings, brush corn with butter, and replace a few layers of husk. Wrap in foil before placing on grill.
  • Potatoes–Slice, chop, skewer, or wrap in foil and bake. Potatoes are the perfect complement to most grilled meats.
  • Artichokes–Boil or steam to complete most of the cooking; then place on the grill for a few minutes to give these veggies that smoky grilled taste.
  • Mushrooms–Portobellos are some of the best mushrooms on the grill. Marinate first for a delicious flavor.
  • Asparagus–Coat with olive oil, sprinkle on some salt and pepper, and grill over high heat to desired tenderness.

Tips to Grill Veggies Like a Pro

No matter which veggies are your favorite, cooking them on the grill presents a few extra challenges. With a watchful eye, however, you can overcome these challenges to present perfectly grilled vegetables every time.

  • Don’t overcook–Because vegetables cook so much more quickly than meat, it can be easy to overcook. Keep a close eye on them and test with a fork for tenderness.
  • Prevent charring–Some vegetables, like potatoes, can char on the outside while remaining underdone in the middle, especially if cooked over high heat. To prevent this, sear the outside over high heat first, and then finish cooking in a cooler part of the grill.
  • Add flavor with seasonings–The smoky, charcoal flavor vegetables get when cooked on the grill may be enough for you. If you like different flavor combinations, however, try marinating your vegetables or simply brush with oil and then sprinkle with your favorite herbs.

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