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Grilling Salmon Fillets

Grilling salmon fillets? They are a tasty dish that’s certain to please everyone at your summer barbecue, and you might be surprised how quick it is! So, want to start?

Why Salmon?

Why opt for salmon more than other grilled fish? Though most fish are healthy, salmon is among the healthiest, due mostly to its high contents of nutrients, such as omega-3 fatty acids.

Not only that, but you can get out-of-this-world salmon smoking chips!

salmon fillet accessories

Grilling Salmon Fillets: Cooking Process

How do you really go about grilling salmon fillets? As mentioned before, the method is genuinely very simple. The fact is, deciding which kind of salmon filet you want is likely the most difficult part! Copper River salmon, Coho salmon, Atlantic salmon, and Tasmanian

grilling salmon fillets

salmon all taste a bit different so realizing what flavor you want is crucial.

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Grilling Salmon Fillets: Grillin’ ‘Em

As soon as you have chosen your fillets, rinse them in water. Remove the skin and take out the bones. Then, season the salmon. Lemon juice is actually a popular addition to the fillets, but you are able to also add your favorite grill seasonings: barbecue sauce, garlic, etc., and, of course, salt and pepper!

The fillets will need to sit for about twenty minutes soon after being seasoned. When grilling salmon fillets, ensure the grill temperature is set to 500 degrees. An average one-inch thick filet will need to be grilled for a total of eight to ten minutes (4 or 5 on each side) to be cooked medium-well.

The time will differ by a minute or two every way for bigger or smaller fillets, and of course if you would like yours more or less done, you are going to need to adjust accordingly. The salmon fillets are best if cooked over wood chips or some sort of hardwood.

Grilling Salmon Fillets: Side Dishes

Maybe you are wondering what to serve as a side dish along with your grilled salmon fillets? It certainly is true to say that your standard barbecue sides, i.e. potato salad, may well not be appropriate at a fish dinner. But there are many choices for you. First, any green vegetable goes well with fish. Grilled asparagus is a popular side. You may also want to consider having a gourmet salad.

Grilling salmon fillets is often a terrific technique to give your summer cookout a one of a kind, healthy touch. It’s sure to be a hit with all your guests; even people who do not like fish generally like salmon.
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How to Grill a Salmon Fillet

Are you looking for the wow factor for your next neighborhood cookout? Knowing how to grill salmon is the key.

Grilled salmon is a great addition to any barbecue event, and these easy to follow tips separate the chefs from the cooks.

How to Grill a Salmon Fillet: The Selection

[br]The most important thing is to pick the right salmon fillet, and the best cut of fillet comes from the head end of the salmon; tail-end fillets tend to be too thin and don’t work well on the grill. Though thick cuts are best (about 1 inch), don’t feel like you have to slice off the thinner end of the tapered fillet; some guests may prefer their salmon more done than others, and the thinner end fits the bill as it will cook through more quickly.

You can pick fillets with either the skin on or the skin off, depending on the recipe you use. Once you are confident that you know how to grill salmon fillet, you can experiment with different types of salmon and different cuts.[br][br]

How to Grill a Salmon Fillet: The Preparation

[br]Once you’ve decided whether you are going to leave the skins on or remove them, make sure all the bones are out; no one likes to get a bone in an otherwise tasty bite and then have to fish it out of his mouth. Rinse the fillets and pat them dry.

Apply any lemon juice, seasonings, and/or rubs to the fillets and let them sit for about 15-20 minutes before placing them on the grill; it is best to grill meat at room temperature to keep them from cooking too quickly on the outside.

How to Grill a Salmon Fillet: The Grilling

[br]You want the grill to be hot, hot, hot—about 500 degrees—before placing the salmon fillets on the grill. You also want to the grill to be clean, so take time to scrub away the remains of your last cookout and then apply a thin layer of oil, such as a cooking spray or oil rubbed on using tongs and a cloth.

You may even want to try your hand at using different flavored wood chips for a nice smoky taste. If you are using fillets that still have their skins on, start out cooking them skin side up for about 5 minutes over direct heat; then carefully flip the fillets using a spatula that is large enough to accommodate the entire fillet and cook another 5 minutes.

When the fish is pink and flaky, use the spatula to separate the fillet from the skin. Serve it up with your favorite side and you will prove to everyone that you know how to grill salmon.

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How to Grill Salmon on a Gas Grill

The gas grill is not just for cooking hamburgers and hot dogs for the big game; step up your game by learning how to cook salmon on the grill.

Everyone loves to cook on a gas grill, and the more options you have for cooking outside means beating the heat of the kitchen inside.How to Grill Salmon on a Gas Grill

How to Grill Salmon on a Gas Grill: Pick It Up

When shopping for salmon, be sure to select thick, head-end fillets; about a 1-inch thickness is perfect for the gas grill. Depending on the recipe you are using, you may want to buy fillets with the skin still on.

After you have cleaned the fish in cold water and patted dry, add the flavor combinations you like best: lemon juice and garlic, seafood rubs, or even mayonnaise and season salts. Let your prepared fillets sit for about 15-20 minutes to reach room temperature before placing them on the grill.[br][br]

Salmon Grillin’ Set Up

[br]The key to a successful grilling experience, especially when it comes to fish, is a clean grill. Using a wire brush, scrub off the remains of your last barbecue extravaganza and oil the rack; a light cooking spray applied over the grill will keep the salmon from sticking to the grill. Another trick is to use heavy-duty aluminum foil on the grill, either as a packet or like a cookie sheet; this is especially helpful if you are using skinless salmon fillets.

You should still coat the foil with oil, unless you are using a recipe that calls for coating the fillets in mayonnaise. Preheat the grill and turn the burners to a low setting.

BBQ’n that Salmon: Cookin’ It Up

[br]It’s time to put the salmon on the grill. If you are using fillets with the skin still on, place the meat with the skins facing up. Close the lid of the grill, and let the fish cook for about 5 minutes; only open the lid when you are ready to flip the fish.

Then close the lid and cook for another 4-5 minutes. You know the salmon is ready when it is pink and flaky. If the skin is still intact, use a spatula to separate the fish from the skin. Then serve it up hot off the grill. Your family and friends will be amazed that you know how to cook salmon on the grill with all the expertise of a gourmet chef.

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