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Big Green Egg Accessories, “Eggcessories”

Finding Big Green Egg accessories (“eggcessories”) can cause a problem because of BGE’s unique shape and size. Find out how to find the best ones for your grill!

You see, so many of the common universal grill accessories are not well suited for the job.

BGE accessories are referred to by the community as “Eggcessories” and are made by the Big Green Egg company, or a number of other manufacturers. Only products manufactured by Big Green Egg are covered under their warranty and guaranteed against defects.  Big Green Egg accessories

Big Green Egg Accessories: Grill parts

The Big Green Egg consists of just a few component parts. Besides the core of the Egg, the base and dome, there are only 9 other peices: the lid, thermometer, hinge band, cooking grate, gasket, fire ring,  fire box, fire grate, and draft door.

Find out where the get the best BGE accessories!

All of the Big Green Egg’s components are simple to access and replace if necessary, and the ceramic components are warrantied for life. Perhaps the two most commonly upgraded components of the BGE are the thermometer and gasket. The thermometer is a basic model and has been known to lose accuracy over time.

An OEM replacement can be ordered, but nearly any grill thermometer works as a replacement. The OEM gasket that comes on the BGE is made of basic felt and is responsible for sealing the joint between the base and dome.

This felt gasket is prone to melting or burning at high temperatures so it is often replaced with a high quality  Nomex gasket. The Nomex gasket is also available from Big Green Egg and is made of flame retardant material so it is more durable than the felt gasket.

Big Green Egg Accessories: Upgrades and accessories

Perhaps more prominent than the BGE components are the upgrades and accessories. A wide variety of products are available to aid and enhance the use of the Big Green Egg. One of the most useful accessories is the plate setter, a ceramic stone that is designed to be placed between the fire and the cooking grate for indirect grilling.

The plate setter can also be used as a cooking stone for pizza and bread in a pinch. Other baking stones are available as well, care should be given when selecting a stone for grilling. Not all stones can withstand prolonged exposure to direct flame and may crack when pizza or bread is delivered to their surface for cooking.

Upgraded stands are available for the Big Green Egg to give it a work area on either side. The basic metal “nest” gives the Egg portability, but a common complaint is that there is no prep area for food or tools. A number of wooden or metal stands are available to remedy this problem.

Get the best BGE accessories!

Big Green Egg Accessories: Best Place to Find Them?

What’s the point of having an excellent grill that’s merely factory made? Make it yours! If you upgrade your BGE, then you’ll begin to enjoy it more. Having friends over for a bbq will be much more fun and exciting. Not only will you be able to talk about your grill, you’ll be able to talk about the awesome accessories and how they’ve made grilling much more enjoyable. And hey, if it gets you back inside faster, even your wife will like it!

The Big Green Egg is a truly wonderful grill and smoker and Big Green Egg accessories allow you to upgrade and personalize for your convenience and enjoyment.

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Master Forge Grill Reviews

When it comes to Master Forge grill reviews it’s clear that Master Forge has hit the jackpot with several of their grill designs.

With consistent 4 to 5 star ratings, they offer a complete line of barbeque grills from portable to full-sized gas models.

Master Forge Grill Reviews: Pros/Cons


[br]Grill reviews give telling insights into what makes these grills so desirable. Across the board, many of the Master Forge barbecue Master Forge Grill Reviewsgrill models receive positive ratings for their high quality construction, smart design, and affordability. Consumers also like how they tend to be easy to assemble, clean, and store.

And with Master Forge, they also offer a whole line of grill accessories designed to protect and furnish your grill so that you will get the most life and use out of it as is possible.[br][br]


The potential drawbacks to some of the bar-b-q grills by Master Forge include a few complaints about some of their features or lack there of. And there aren’t as many model options available as with some of the other more prominent name brands on the market.

Master Forge Grill Reviews: Analysis

[br]Overall, though they aren’t as well known as some of the other more leading name brands, what the Master Forge grill reviews indicate is that most consumers are more than happy with their bar-b-q Master Forge grill and would recommend them to their friends and neighbors.

As with any grill brand there is always the potential for someone not to be happy with something. But with Master Forge, when it comes to the most important elements like quality, design, ease of use, features, and value, they’ve definitely got it down.

Master Forge Grill Reviews: Where to Buy

[br]Master Forge makes it quick and easy for you to purchase one of their high-quality barbeque grills by ordering directly online from a number of trusted distributors.

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