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Napoleon Grill Reviews

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Napoleon Gourmet Grill Company is the best-known manufacturer of all types of BBQs and grills still made in North America.  What kind of reviews does the company receive?

Napoleon Grill Reviews – The Company

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Napoleon Gourmet Grill Company is North America’s largest privately owned grill company and many people like the thought of helping the North American economy by buying these grills.  The company has received awards for design and innovation and is noted for producing grills which are crafted from a combination of 304 stainless steel and cast aluminum.  Their 16 gauge steel burners come with a lifetime warranty.

Napoleon Grill Reviews – Types, Features, and Price Range of Grills

[myebay]Napoleon Grill [/myebay]

Grills manufactured by Napoleon come in styles small to super large. Napoleon produces small indoor countertop electric models and outdoor propane family grills, all the way to outdoor natural gas cooking centers with all the bells and whistles (think Food Channel grilling programs.)   For those tailgate parties, RV travel, and summer picnics, Napoleon sells a popular propane-fuelled Travel Q portable bar-b-q.

Because Napoleon grills are crafted with high quality materials the prices on these grills run a little bit more than imported brands.  The indoor electric counter top grills run less than a hundred dollars, and prices go up into the thousands for the deluxe outdoor grilling stations.

The Napoleon Company also sells many helpful accessories for their grills. Favorite accessories include the rotisserie, skewers for kababs, the multi grill basket for fish or vegetables, and a smoker pipe used with wood chips to add that BBQ smoked flavour to food.  Several barbecue models also convert to charcoal-based grills with use of the charcoal tray accessory.

Napoleon Grill Reviews – What people didn’t like

A few consumers were unhappy with the quality of medium-high priced models and cited problems with uneven heat distribution and irregular heat – sometimes hot and the next time only warm.  A few complained of faulty igniters that rapidly used up batteries.  There were several complaints about problems with the infrared feature on some of the higher end grills.  The barbecues which feature 4 rear burners in an M shape caused hot spots for a few reviewers.

Napoleon Grill Reviews – What people liked

The reviews were overall favorable for most features.  Outstanding comments include that the Napoleon BBQs have a stylish appearance and many models feature a space-saving, easy to lift lid.  The medium to large models are produced with thick 304 stainless steel carts and feature a large shelf to work from.  Many reviewers commented that the grills offered even heating with no hot or cold spots. Overall reviewers were pleased with the quality and versatility of Napoleon grills.

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Char Broil Gas Grill Review

As these char broil gas grill reviews will point out, this brand of barbecue grills are top-of-the-line and rank high among customers.

Individuals like the high quality, fantastic functions, and innovative design all come together in 1 grill to really deliver!

Char Broil Gas Grill Review: Pros/Cons

[br]Char broil gas grill review: Pros

[br]Typically constructed out of stainless steel, char broil gas grills are created to be durable and last a long time. Their stainless steel Char Broil Gas Grill Reviewdesign also indicates they are easier to help keep clean and to maintain compared to other bar-b-q grill types. Also, they tend to look more classy than other grills and are known to come loaded with plenty of fantastic features.[br][br]

Char broil gas grill review: Cons

[br]Because sometimes quality can mean greater pricing, you may run into this with char broil gas grills, but not usually.[br][br]

Char Broil Gas Grill Evaluation: Analysis

[br]A grill review would hardly be complete without going a little more in depth. The makers of the Char Broil are really among the largest grill manufactures in the world. They’ve been about since 1948 and continue to be in the forefront of the gas grilling business.

Their long history of producing quality goods works to their advantage as they’ve confirmed to be a brand that endures, and a brand that can be trusted. This is precisely why so numerous people opt for a char broil gas grill, because they know that what they’re getting is going to be good – that it’s going to hit the spot!

Needless to say there is a range of lower to greater finish models inside the char broil category, so there will probably be a varying range of offerings and warranties. But either way, these grills seem to consistently hold their own in the grilling business.

Char Broil Gas Grill Evaluation: Where to Buy

[br]The popularity of the char broil gas grill over the years has propelled them to the degree of global availability. Dozens of models are available through many various shops. As this grill review, and numerous others like it, point out – Char Broil must be doing some thing right!

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Weber Gas Grill Reviews

Weber Gas Grill Reviews consistently award them with four to 5 star ratings. Having a company that is been in business so long as Weber has, is it any wonder they’ve mastered the grill?

From portable propane to full-standing models that provide the works, with regards to Weber, they are leaders in the barbeque grill industry and a name numerous trust.

Weber Gas Grill Reviews: Pros/Cons


Reviews of Weber gas grills indicate that these bar-b-q grills are especially recognized for their durability, dependability, and their Weber Gas Grill reviewsaffordability. Numerous models have been stated to start up rapidly and throw a nice even heat, and that they are easy to clean, and great looking. The portable propane model is particularly good for taking along camping or to a tailgating event.


Though many of the reviews of Weber gas grills indicate these grills are affordable, some disagree. But even those that disagree still say that they’re worth every penny. Other complaints have related to simple fixes like perhaps a knob wearing out, or a grill rack not becoming as adjustable as desired.

Weber Gas Grill Reviews: Analysis

[br]Overall what the hundreds of Weber gas grills reviews seem to highlight most is that Weber gas grill models are a favorite of may. With regards to quality, Weber scores high. With regards to even heating and efficiency satisfaction, they score high there too. And with regards to value, most would agree that a barbecue gas grill manufactured by Weber is definitely worth it.[br][br]

Weber Gas Grill Reviews: Where to Buy

[br]Simply because Weber has been in business for so many years, they’ve had a great deal of time to expand. Currently they’re selling their grills and grilling accessories in more than 30 different countries worldwide. But to take a look at and purchase a Weber gas grill for yourself, you don’t even need to get out of your chair, all you have to do is appear and order via an online seller like Amazon, or perhaps a dozen other locations.

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Master Forge Grill Reviews

When it comes to Master Forge grill reviews it’s clear that Master Forge has hit the jackpot with several of their grill designs.

With consistent 4 to 5 star ratings, they offer a complete line of barbeque grills from portable to full-sized gas models.

Master Forge Grill Reviews: Pros/Cons


[br]Grill reviews give telling insights into what makes these grills so desirable. Across the board, many of the Master Forge barbecue Master Forge Grill Reviewsgrill models receive positive ratings for their high quality construction, smart design, and affordability. Consumers also like how they tend to be easy to assemble, clean, and store.

And with Master Forge, they also offer a whole line of grill accessories designed to protect and furnish your grill so that you will get the most life and use out of it as is possible.[br][br]


The potential drawbacks to some of the bar-b-q grills by Master Forge include a few complaints about some of their features or lack there of. And there aren’t as many model options available as with some of the other more prominent name brands on the market.

Master Forge Grill Reviews: Analysis

[br]Overall, though they aren’t as well known as some of the other more leading name brands, what the Master Forge grill reviews indicate is that most consumers are more than happy with their bar-b-q Master Forge grill and would recommend them to their friends and neighbors.

As with any grill brand there is always the potential for someone not to be happy with something. But with Master Forge, when it comes to the most important elements like quality, design, ease of use, features, and value, they’ve definitely got it down.

Master Forge Grill Reviews: Where to Buy

[br]Master Forge makes it quick and easy for you to purchase one of their high-quality barbeque grills by ordering directly online from a number of trusted distributors.

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Bakers and Chefs Grills

A Bakers and Chefs grill is quick to assemble, easy to use, and competitively priced. For an optimum grilling experience, don’t overlook what these grills have to offer.

What you will get is a model from a line of premium gas grill that will be sure to make any outdoor barbecue a cinch.

Bakers and Chefs Grills: Information

[br]These grills are produced exclusively by Sam’s Club. Customers praise them for their ease of use and durability. Several consumers have discussed their efforts to convert the type of fuel that the grill uses. By and large these efforts were successful, leading to positive customer reviews.

The Sam’s Club website provides an easy-to-navigate section of its website where customers can order replacement parts. In particular, the burners on a Bakers and Chefs grill will sometimes wear out more quickly than other parts.

Most reviews were positive when indicating customer satisfaction with the replacement service they received. One problem that a few customers noted was that food can tend to stick to the grate of the grill. This, however, does not seem to be a problem with the grill itself, but with the preparation of the grate prior to grilling. A number of reviewers mentioned that if you grease or oil the grate immediately before placing food on it, the food has much less of a tendency to stick and fall apart.

Bakers and Chefs Grills: Models

[br]The most popular of these models is the Main Event Grill. This is a durable, long-lasting gas grill. Customers rave about its ability to handle large quantities of food on a regular basis for extended periods of time. This seems to be an ideal component for a successful company or church outing. It could also serve well as an addition to a roadside barbecue stand.[br][br]

Bakers and Chefs Grills: Are They Right for You?

[br]Most of the grills available appear to be more along the lines of industrial sized grills. If you typically grill for small groups on an infrequent basis one of these models might be overdoing it a little bit. However, if you are a grilling enthusiast or if you run a concession stand, something in this line of Bakers & Chefs grills is probably just what you need. Check out what they have to offer and see how you can take your grilling skills and experience to the next level. You won’t be sorry you did.

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New Holland Grills

Those who have found standard gas grills rather frustrating to operate have discovered that new holland brand grills hold the solution to their barbeque problems.

Holland’s unique drip-pan configuration eliminates flare-ups from dripping juices, guaranteeing consistency and evenness in the delicious meals that come off your grill. Read on to see how this grill can transform your grilling experience.

New Holland Grills: Information

[br]Backyard BBQ enthusiasts have often experienced annoyance and even a ruined meal by having their carefully prepared meats burned by flare-ups due to dripping grease. The Holland System, developed about twenty years ago, takes care of this problem by placing a drip pan between the grill rack and the flame.

Instead of causing destructive flare-ups, the juices from grilling meats sizzle on the drip pan and create smoke that makes your barbecue even better.

Holland advertises that you can simply close the lid and cook by time, eliminating the need to constantly check the grill and adjust the placement of meat.

New Holland Grills: Models

[br]New holland brand grills are available in a variety of models, from the “Companion”, a small portable grill ideal for camping or tailgating, to the “Patriot,” which incorporates the patented Holland System in a charcoal grill. Other available models feature a stainless steel body, storage cabinets, and a separate infrared searing grill. Although Holland does not sell directly to consumers, their grills can be found at many local retailers. [br][br]

New Holland Grills: Are They Right For You?

[br]Grilling in the backyard, at a company picnic, or for a social event should be enjoyable. If you are spending an entire picnic standing over a flaming grill trying to keep your meat cooking evenly, you are missing out on the joys of grilling! Holland advertises that you can simply close the grill’s lid and cook by time, leaving you more time for enjoying your event.

If you are looking for a grill that makes barbequing a fun, simple, easy, and greatly rewarding experience, you should definitely visit your local retailer to take a look at a new Holland grill.

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Holland Grill Recipes

Are you the proud owner of a Holland Grill and ready to cook up some mouthwatering, out of this world taste sensations? Holland grills have plenty of recipes to fit the menu.

The Holland Grill’s unique no-flare grilling system allows you to cook up the most flavorful dishes. And the drip pan that sits between flame and food puts the sizzle back into your food.

Holland Grill Recipes for Meat


Have you ever thought about barbecuing pot roast or meatloaf? With your Holland Grill, you can cook these and other traditional beef Holland Grill Recipesdishes, including ribs, steaks, and brisket. From BBQ to tenderloin, from roast to chops, these simple cooking instructions will set your mouth to watering for pork. Chicken, turkey, Cornish hens, quail—they can all be barbecued on the Holland Grill.

Holland Grill Recipes for Seafood


Grilling seafood is the tried and true method for cooking up fish, lobster, and shrimp. These easy to follow instructions guide you through the tricky task of cooking flaky, tasty seafood. And you won’t stink up the house.

Holland Grill Recipes for Vegetables

[br]If it grows in your garden, you can cook it with the Holland Grill. No one will turn away from these tasty menu items, and your kids may even ask for more.[br]

[br]The Extras

[br]Recipes for Sauces and Rubs

[br]Though the Holland Grill gives your food great flavor by itself, some may want to try new combinations for rubs and sauces to spice up the menu.[br]

[br]Recipes for Breads and Desserts

[br]Homemade bread and fruit pies of every variety never tasted so good as when cooked on the grill. Turn your barbecue into a bake-off.[br]

[br]Holland Grill Recipes for Breakfast

[br]Rise and shine to try grilling for breakfast. With sausage, eggs, and biscuits hot off the grill, you won’t start the day hungry.[br]

[br]Finding the Best Recipes for Holland Grills

[br]Check out our site for more great recipes. Each recipe comes with a list of ingredients and instructions as well as the Holland Grill accessories needed to make the perfect dish. Print individual recipes and cooking time charts, or get the book and try them all.[br][br]Watch a cooking demonstration of your favorite recipes online or in person and learn the skills for making your next cookout a hit. Impress the neighbors with award-winning recipes, made on your Holland Grill.

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Grill Brands

All the grill brands aside, grilling and barbeque are among the most popular forms of cooking. But which brand makes the best grill?

What makes grilling and barbecue so inviting? And why does that grilled smoky bbq’ed food taste so good? It has a lot to do with your grill brand!

Grill Brands: Performance, Convenience and Savings

[br]First, you may want to consider the type of grill, the main types being gas or charcoal. Then you should consider the importance of your grill brands. Grill brands are numerous:

  • Amana Grills
  • Aussie Grills
  • Beefeater Grills
  • Big Green Egg Grills
  • Blue Ember Grills
  • Bond Grills
  • Bubba Keg Grills
  • Bradley Smoker
  • Brinkmann Grills
  • Broil King
  • Broilmaster Grills
  • Char-Broil Grills
  • Charmglow Grills
  • Cla Grills
  • Coleman Grills
  • Dcs Grillsgrill brands
  • Ducane Grills
  • Fiesta Grills
  • Fire Magic Grills
  • George Foreman Grills
  • Grillmaster Grills
  • Holland Grills
  • Huntington Grills
  • Jenn-Air Grills
  • Kamado Grills
  • Kenmore Grills
  • Kitchenaid Grills
  • Lynx Grills
  • Master Forge Grills
  • Members Mark Grills
  • Minden Grills
  • Napoleon Grills
  • New Braunfels Grills
  • New Holland Grills
  • Perfect Flame Grills
  • Primo Grills
  • Solaire Grills
  • Sonoma Grills
  • Stok Grills
  • Sunbeam Grills
  • TEC Grills
  • Thermos Grills
  • Traeger Grills
  • Uniflame Grills
  • Vermont Castings Grills
  • Viking Grills
  • Weber Grills
  • Wolf Grills

The Right Grill Brands for Great Fun

[br]Grilling and barbecue have evolved over the years from a mere method of cooking into a virtual art form. Beyond the seriously delicious tasting food, bbq get-togethers are great fun and an ever-ready excuse to party – whether it is a hot summer day picnic, a cool autumn evening on the patio or lively Super Bowl parties in the dead of winter, grilling and bar-b-q are great fun.

In addition, it is a chance for you guys to show off your shiny new grill and your newfound barbeque skills to your buddies. By the way, some of the grills on the grill brands list look positively spectacular.

Finding the right grill brands

[br]When considering grill brands, the gas-fired models have a level of convenience that charcoal fired grills cannot match. However, many grilling and barbeque aficionados prefer the taste of food cooked over a real bed of charcoal. Those who fall into the gas grill camp point out the convenience – just turn it on and “hello”, you are ready to go.

Moreover, gas burns clean, there is no messing with charcoal briquettes, no lighting, no lighting fluid, no waiting around for the fire to glow, and much easier easy clean up.

A charcoal grill is not as convenient, but it has one feature that for some grilling enthusiasts overrides all other considerations: smoke flavor. Skilled cooks know how to use that dry, white-hot heat to quickly sear meat and give it that caramelized, crusty coating with that smoked flavor.

The trade off is that it takes more attention, time and clean up for a charcoal grill than a gas grill. When shopping for grill brands, charcoal grills will be less expensive than gas grills. Charcoal is more portable for taking on picnics and trips. Plus with charcoal grill brands, you get the fun of playing with fire.

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